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Stair Lighting Kit Facts
StairLighting System kits include a one-year Warranty on kit materials and workmanship. Plus a lifetime Warranty on the StairLighting System kit LED lights.
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Should I install a light on every step?

Our Stairlighting System kits are designed for safety. We strongly advise you to light every step, to ensure your safety.

Do I need an electrician to install my kit?

No, the kit does not require an electrician for installation. However, if you do not feel comfortable with your abilities to install your kit – you may want to hire a local handy person to install your kit.

How do I get help installing my Stairlighting kit?

All kits come with detailed installation instructions (view our quick Installation Guides online). We have a 24-hour help phone line at (410) 287-3232, to answer any of your installation questions or problems. If you feel more comfortable hiring a local handy person to install your kit, it takes approximately 2 hours to install.

If the lights are on all the time - How much electricity do they use?

Our low-voltage LED lights are the most inexpensive lights to operate. The lights cost less than 5 cents a month to operate and because the lights are low-voltage, they will never become hot to the touch.

How long do the kit lights last? Can replacement lights be purchased locally?

No, our Stairlighting System kit LED lights cannot be purchased locally. Our LED lights will last about 12 years (if the lights are always on). Stairlighting Systems, LLC. will replace any of your kit lights for the lifetime of your Stairlighting System kit (Warranty).

What is the Warranty on my Stairlighting System kit?

Stairlighting System kits include a one-year Warranty on kit materials and workmanship. Plus a lifetime Warranty on the Stairlighting System kit LED lights.

Is the kit lighting system low-voltage AC or low-voltage DC?

Our Stairlighting System kits are low-voltage DC. This lighting system will not operate with your normal home power current. Our lighting system must use our patented power supply.

What is meant by staircases with “Access” and “Without Access” in The Stairlighting Kit® description?

Staircases with “Access” are open staircases – you can see under and behind the steps, OR the drywall has not been installed on the BACK of the staircase yet (new construction OR remodeling). The “Access” stair lighting kit uses our custom harness wiring system that attaches behind the steps and the lights connect into the harness.

Staircases “Without Access” are totally enclosed staircases – you can not readily access the back of the staircase for installation. The “Without Access” stair lighting kit uses our patented track, cover and wire system – which attaches along the side of the staircase and has a lead to the middle of each step for lighting – OR Call us for installation ideas… we have some creative solutions to share.

What is a landing?

The landing is the flat area between two sections of stairs.

What is a tread?

The tread is the stepping surface of the step.

What is a riser?

The riser is the back vertical section of a step – that goes from the top of one step to the bottom of the next step.

Can I mix my kit components colors between white and black?

Yes, you can choose a white control box and black lights –or– any color combination that you desire in your kit parts.

Can I paint my kit components?

Yes, all kit components can be painted to match any decor. Be Careful not to paint over the LED light bulbs – this will prevent the lights from lighting the steps.

What kinds of batteries are required?

Eight (8) AA rechargeable batteries are supplied with your Stairlighting System Kit®.

Why do I need batteries?

Batteries are used as your backup power supply – when your utility company’s power fails.

Will the kit work if the batteries are not installed?

Yes. The kit will work without the batteries installed - but the power failure mode will be disabled.

How often do I need to replace the re-chargeable batteries?

The re-chargeable Batteries should be replaced annually.

Q: What is the size of the actual light assembly for the stairs?
The light assembly is two inches long and just under one half inch high with a maximum width of just over one half inch. They are very small and will blend in with your staircase once installed.

Do the Stairlighting System kits work on carpeted staircase?

Yes, your Stairlighting System kit can be installed on carpeted staircases.

What size hole do I need to drill for my Stairlighting System kit lights?

You will need to drill a 7/16 inch hole for the Stairlighting System kit lights.

What if my stairs do not have risers to attach the kit lights to?

Stairlighting System, LLC. has a custom light bracket system that will attach to the bottom of the staircase tread, for use on this type of staircase.

Why won’t the patented track adhere to the stairs?

The area where the patented track is installed was not sufficiently cleaned with the alcohol swabs and allowed to dry completely, before installation. Thoroughly re-clean the area where the patented track is installed with the alcohol swabs, allow the area to dry completely,before installing the patented track onto the staircase.

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