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Our Stairlighting Kit™ for Carpeted and Wooden staircases WITH access to the Back of the staircase comes READY-to-INSTALL with all the materials needed… and also comes with a Lifetime guarantee on the LED Lights!

ADD the Power Control Box with Photo cell! This power option will turn your lights ON at dusk & OFF automatically at dawn – added convenience AND Safety features + the Battery Back-up lasts up to 18 hours!
Stair Lighting Kit Facts
The StairLighting System kit does not require an electrician for installation. However, if you do not feel comfortable with your abilities to install your kit you may want to hire a local handy person to install your kit.
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Stair Lighting System, LLC's customer service goal is simple: We are committed to providing our customers total satisfaction. 

Every time. Guaranteed. 

Is there an area in your home that you didn’t think was possible to light? Then the Downlighting Kit with Thinlux will give you a beautiful lighting solution.

Under cabinets illumination without generating the HEAT of incandescent lighting!

Up accent lighting for dormers, cabinet shelves, cabinet tops, and recessed areas

Bring LIGHT to almost any area in your home, at only pennies a month to run!

  • 90% savings over incandescent lighting, and 50% savings over CFL bulbs
  • NO heat is generated – SAFER for your cabinets and custom woodworking
  • Optional dimmer to allow for variable light intensities
  • Waterproof and will mount to almost any surface

The possibilities are endless! Just imagine how you can use The Downlighting Kit with ThinLUXTM to light up your life. Below are some ideas to get you started:

Place Under:

Use in Your:

  • Cabinets
  • Kitchen / Pantry / Laundry
  • Shelving
  • Office / Work Area / Craft Space
  • Counter Tops
  • Workshops / Garages
  • Islands
  • Patios / Barbecues
  • Toe Kicks
  • Pool / Spa / Outside Spaces
  • Inside Cabinets/Closets
  • Boats / Marine Applications
  • Inside Storage Areas
  • Trucks / Vans / Service Vehicles
  • Inside Display Cabinets/Curios

And MANY more Applications!

Stairlighting System, LLC uniquely produces LED lighting systems that are made to the installer’s specifications, and require no splicing, cutting or modifications of wiring on-site.

Please call us to help you design your Stair Lighting System and for help finding a dealer near you (888) 307-5531
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