Take your lighting to a new level with our Stairlighting System kits!

At a Glance
Our Stairlighting Kit™ for Carpeted and Wooden staircases WITH access to the Back of the staircase comes READY-to-INSTALL with all the materials needed… and also comes with a Lifetime guarantee on the LED Lights! ADD the Power Control Box with Photo cell! This power option will turn your lights ON at dusk & OFF automatically at dawn – added convenience AND Safety features + the Battery Back-up lasts up to 18 hours!

Our LED lights also come with a lifetime guarantee!
Stair Lighting Kit Facts
Our low-voltage LED lights are the most inexpensive lights to operate. The lights cost just pennies per month to run and because the lights are low-voltage,  they will never become hot to the touch.
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Customer Support
Stair Lighting System, LLC's customer service goal is simple: We are committed to providing our customers total satisfaction. 

Every time. Guaranteed. 

Our LED lighting kits add beauty and safety to any of your indoor staircases

All the functional benefits of conventional lighting at a fraction of the cost!

Our LED lights meet a GREEN building standard

  • Our Stairlighting Kit comes READY-to-INSTALL!
  • 80+% energy savings over incandescent lighting – only pennies a month!
  • Our unique 3-Beam lighting assembly illuminates EACH stair tread
  • Lights are rated for 100,000 hours (~25 years if on during evening hours)
  • Virtually maintenance free!
  • Optionalpower control box w/ photocell & battery back-up features
To find out which staircase set-up you need to order, simply look at the BACK of your staircase to determine if you can ACCESS the stringers for wiring installation behind the staircase. For installation ideas if you do not have access to the back, please call us at 888-305-4232 to help you with installation ideas.

Our Stairlighting Kit for Staircases WITH ACCESS contains stairlighting assemblies; a custom wiring harness with micro-connectors (to connect to the Light Assemblies); and all hardware needed for mounting your kit.

For Staircases WITHOUT ACCESS to the back of the Staircase, our Stairlighting Kits come with stairlighting assemblies; Wiring, track and track covers, and mounting materials. A special cutting tool is also an option for precisely fitting your track and cover on the side of your staircase.

If you have a LANDING in your staircase, we need to know the Location of the Landing for the additional wiring and custom work needed to bridge the distance of the landing between your stairlights.

Stairlighting System, LLC uniquely produces indoor LED lighting systems that are made to the installers specifications, and require no splicing, cutting, or wiring modifications on-site.

Our patented LED lighting system, attractive components, and safe, efficient power delivery makes Stairlighting System kits, the leader of a new generation of lighting solutions!

Please call us to help you design your Stair Lighting System and for help finding a dealer near you (888) 307-5531
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