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The StairLighting System kit does not require an electrician for installation. However, if you do not feel comfortable with your abilities to install your kit you may want to hire a local handy person to install your kit.
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It all started with three men and their boats . . .

Scott Holland - Aircraft mechanic, licensed FAA inspector and corporate pilot
Joe - Telecommunications engineer and master electrician
Ron - Staircase manufacturing executive

Three marina friends enjoying their free time at the helms of their boats cruising the Chesapeake Bay.

A few years back . . . 

Scott helped install some new gear on Ron’s boat.
Ron repaid the favor by having a spiral staircase installed on Scott’s boat.
     Life was good.

A bright idea was born . . .
Navigating the Baltimore Harbor one night, Scott noticed all of the yachts with
their twinkling lights... Thinking to himself, “I could do that. My boat could look as cool as the big boys!”

Scott went out and purchased some LED lights and with the help of his friends wired the lights up his boat’s spiral staircase.
     Life was better.

Innovative prototypes were tested . . .

Hence the mechanic, the electrician and the entrepreneur went to work –
Using Scott’s basement staircase as their prototype and his cellar as their workshop –
Designing a lighting kit that would be energy-efficient, easy-to-install and affordable.

After a lot of trial and error, they perfected their one-of-a-kind product,
Applied for a patent and prepared to market their invention.

Stairlighting Systems was born!
Three friends – working together – self financed – established their business.
    Life is great! A true American success story!


Today… Stairlighting System, LLChas introduced unique LED lighting solutions for your home that are EASY & QUICK to install, and are maintenance free!





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